The Sperrins , County Tyrone

The impressive , undulating Sperrin Mountains form the northeastern limits of County Tyrone. Wild, empty and beautiful, they reach 224ft at their highest , yet the smooth and gradually curving slopes give them a deceptively low appearance.  The covering of bog and heather adds to this effect , suggesting nothing more than high , open moorland. For all this , views from the summits are panoramic , and the evenness of texture can make these mountains sumptuous when bathed in evening light. Well worth viewing on any tours of Ireland.....a real hidden gem.

Once in the mountains , it's impossible not to catch a sight of the wildlife. Sparrowhawks and kestrels hover above , and you might see buzzards or the far rarer hen harrier. They're attracted by rich prey in a landscape mostly undisturbed by development - the mountains teem with assorted rodents , rabbits , badgers and even the Irish hare. A great opportunity to see natural wildlife on Ireland tours.

One threat to this delicately balanced ecosystem has been the rediscovered of gold in the mountains. Their future is in the balance , but for the moment at least , the Sperrins offer a wilderness to be enjoyed. And it is all easily reached on our extended Belfast tours.