Treshnish Islands, Isle of Mull

Treshnish Islands, Isle of Mull

The Treshnish Isles from Torloisk, Isle of Mull


These hidden gems are a small group of islands in the Inner Hebrides.

They are a group of six islands of the West coast of Mull.

The islands are noted for their unusual and curious shapes.

Very interesting on any tours of Scotland.


The “Dutchmans Cap” island is an outliner at the South end.

It has a 278 feet hump surrounded by a brim – hence the name.


Fladda island is flat.

Lunga island is terraced.


But the grandest islands are the almost inaccessible Cairn na Burg Mor and Beg.

Beg has 100 feet cliffs and a fortress with a history of battle.


The islands are now a bird sanctuary and a breeding place for the Atlantic grey seal.


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