Trinity College Library, Dublin

Trinity College Library, Dublin

This old library building dated from 1732 and is a must-see attraction when visiting Dublin.

At Ireland and Scotland Luxury Tours we recommend a visit to all our clients.


The collection within began in 1601.

There is a new library building which dates from 1967.

The whole library contains over half a million printed books as well as over 2000 manuscripts.


The library’s greatest treasure is the world famous “Book of Kells”

This is a wonderful illuminated manuscript of the four gospels created by monks in the eighth century.

It is a remarkable work.


Of equal historical importance, though not equal fame, is the “Book of Durrow”

This is the first of the great Irish illuminated manuscripts.

It dates from between 650 and 680.


Other highlights of the library are two early Irish harps, and a copy of the 1916 Declaration of Independence.


Have a look at the library on your tours of Ireland.