Waterford City , County Waterford

Founded by the Vikings at the beginning of the 10th century. After being conquered by the Anglo-Normans the town grew into a thriving port and became famous for its loyalty to the English Crown. Its world famous crystal industry was founded in the 18th century , destroyed in the 19th century by high duties , and revived again in 1947. The Waterford Crystal Centre at Kilbarry is not far and includes a beautiful showroom of crystal products.

The impressive Reginald’s Tower was built by the Normans and its thick walls conceal a staircase. It contains the town’s Civic and Maritime Museum. Nearby in Greyfriars Street are the remains of the French Church or Greyfriars. Founded by the Franciscans in the 13th century , the church served as a hospital in the 16th century and was handed over for use as a place of worship to a colony of French Huguenot refugees in 1693.

The 13th century Blackfriars of Dominican friary on Bridge Street is also in ruins and nearby is the  West wall of St. Olave’s , all that remains of a Viking foundation. The Protestant Christ Church Cathedral in Cathedral Square was built in 1770 (its 700 year old predecessor was levelled to the ground) , while the Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Trinity was completed in 1796.

Waterford has a rich history that is a real must see on your Ireland tours.