Youghal , Co. Cork

Youghal , Co. Cork

Youghal is an ancient port at the mouth of the River Blackwater , where the counties of Cork and Waterford meet. Worth a visit on any Ireland tours.

It combines the richness of the Blackwater towns with the prettiness of Kinsale and Cobh , and boasts a string of clean sandy beaches to the West of the town.

A quiet, picturesque resort , Youghal has a colourful history and some fine architecture.

Youghal’s walls were first built by the Norman settlers who established the town , but those which stand today were erected by Edward I in 1275 .

From medieval times the town prospered as one of Ireland’s leading ports , trading with the Continent – particularly France – and with England . Political disturbances and trade restrictions imposed on Irish ports by the English Crown, however , meant the town’s growth began to slow in the mid 16th century. It fell into the hands of the Earl of Desmond , and in 1579 the “Rebel” Earl (rebelling against Elizabeth I) sacked and burned the palace . After Desmond’s death, Youghal was part of the 40,000 acres granted to Walter Raleigh during the Munster Plantations , with which Elizabeth hoped to control Ireland. Raleigh, according to legend, introduced the potato to ireland here – selling his land to Richard Boyle , the “Great” Earl of Cork , who then greatly developed the town as he did with all his newly acquired land

When Cromwell reached New Ross in 1649, the English garrison at Youghal went over to the Parliamentarian side, and so the town escaped destruction.

If you are on tours of Ireland stop at Youghal… wont be disappointed !!!!…its a real hidden gem.