Church of Saint Nicholas, County Galway

Church of Saint Nicholas, County Galway

This is a building in Galway which you could look at on any tours of Ireland.

Galway is a great stop and this is a bit of a hidden gem.


The Church of Saint Nicholas is a large cruciform building dating from 1320.

Externally, the most noteworthy features are the west doorway, and the dripstones of the aisle windows.

The south porch is vaulted and interesting.

There are gargoyles too.

Re is also a curious looking steeple of Irish oak.

So, plenty to look at here.


The interior is 152 feet long, and 126 feet wide.

That is unusual in that the aisles are wider than the nave.


There is a stone set into the graveyard wall, which is actually part of the old prison.

This stone has skull and crossbones and is known as the Lynch Stone.


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