Fraserburgh, Northern Aberdeenshire

Fraserburgh, affectionately known to locals as the Broch, is Europe’s largest shellfish port. Like Peterhead, Fraserburgh’s fortune has been founded on the fishing industry.


The excellent Scottish Lighthouse Museum provides a fascinating insight into the network of lights that have safeguarded the Scottish coast for over 100 years, and the men and women who built and maintained them (plus a sobering fact – that all the world’s lighthouses are to be decommissioned by 1st January 2080). Kinnaird Head lighthouse, built on top of a converted 16th century castle; the engineering is so precise that the 4.5-ton light assembly can be rotated by pushing with a single finger. The anemometer here measured the strongest wind speed ever recorded in the UK, with a gust of 123 knots (142mph) on 13th February 1989.


Fraserburgh is a hidden gem and worth a stop on your Scotland tours.