Lough Arrow, County Sligo

People go to Lough Arrow to sail and fish for the local trout, and also simply to enjoy the glorious countryside. You can explore the lake by boat, but the views from the shore are the real joy of Lough Arrow. A full circuit of the lake is highly recommended, but for the most breath-taking views of all head for the southern end around Ballinafad. This small town lies in a gorgeous spot, enclosed by the Bricklieve and Curlew Mountains.


The Carrowkeel Passage Tomb Cemetery occupies a remote and eerie spot in the Bricklieve Mountains to the north of Ballinafad. The best approach is up the single track road from Castlebaldwin, 5km northeast of the site.


The 14 Neolithic passage graves, which are scattered around a hilltop overlooking Lough Arrow, are elaborate corbelled structures. One is comparable with Newgrange, except that the burial chamber inside this cairn is lit by the sun on the day of the summer solstice (21st June) as opposed to the winter solstice. On a nearby ridge are the remains of Stone Age huts, presumably those occupied by the farmers who buried their dead in the Carrowkeel passage graves.


Lough Arrow is a must see on your tours of Ireland.