Northeast Scotland

Northeast Scotland

The northern and eastern slopes of the Grampian Mountains are draped with a long broad, green mantle of fertile lowlands, fringed with forests and hemmed around with long, sandy beaches and rugged, bird-haunted cliffs, bejewelled here and there with picturesque little fishing villages.


Many visitors pass by this corner of the country in their headlong rush to the tourist areas of Loch Ness and Skye. But they are missing out on a part of the country that is as beautiful and diverse as the more obvious attractions of the western Highlands and islands.


Within its bounds you will find two of Scotland’s four largest cities – Dundee, the city of jute, jam and journalism, the cradle of some of Britain’s favourite comic characters, and home to Captain Scott’s Antarctic research ship the Discovery; and Aberdeen, the granite city, an economic powerhouse fuelled by the riches of North Sea oil.


Angus, to the north of Dundee, is a region of rich farmland and scenic glens dotted with the mysterious stones left behind by the ancient Picts, while Aberdeen’s rural hinterland is home to a thieving indigenous culture, where the old Scottish dialect known as the Doric still survives. Here you’ll find the greatest concentration of Scottish Baronial castles anywhere in the country, and lonely little fishing villages such as Pennan and Gardenstown.


In the north is the ancient earldom of Moray, famous for the cathedral town of Elgin, the beaches of Banff and Lossiemouth, and dozens of distilleries that cluster along the banks of the River Spey.


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