Southern Scotland

Southern Scotland

An enchanting region of Scotland that seems to slip off the radar for many international visitors, southern Scotland is often missed by the hordes scrambling to destinations further north. A shame – but also a wonderful part of its attraction. Crowd free castles to ramble around, miles of open countryside and small traffic-free roads along which to explore it all – it takes no time to stumble across a pocket of country you’ll have all to yourself.


Stretching from the Scottish Borders, with the fiery remnants of the great Border abbeys to the floating paradise of Arran, southern Scotland is one big trail of treasures and pleasures. Unlike its cousin, central Scotland, a bit further north, the attractions aren’t quite so jam packed, there’s room the breathe down here. But the stately mansions, picture perfect countryside and smoking ruins that encapsulate centuries of conflict with England are worth the time and effort to discover.


Woodland areas such as the exhilarating and remote Galloway Forest are a relief from Britain’s naked landscape and there are many ways to enjoy them, including mountain-bike trails that criss-cross the region. Important wildlife survives in these lush valleys and undulating hills, with the bellow of the red deer reverberating in remote forests. The stunning Isle of Arran is a jewel of the Hebridean isles with easy access, historical sights, an excellent walking and cycling route around its parameter and gourmet produce infused into its delectable cuisine.


This is an area that ignites the imagination – Sir Walter Scott and Robert Burns, Scotland’s two great literary sons, romanticised the region. After a short time here it’s easy to see why.


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